Gary Neshanian
2336 Elden Ave. #G,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Gary Neshanian lives in Orange County, after graduating with BSc from Cal State Long Beach - Computer Science Engineer, was born in Los Angeles, and grew up in its south bay attending LA-Unified.

•  Systems programmer, in aerospace during college (-1990) 
  ·  System Administrator and Software Engineer, at Ford Aerospace '82, on the DIVAD tank and ADO/Sidewinders.
   Graduated on to a software team leader and development systems manager
  ·  Systems Manager and Software Team Leader, at Rockwell Collins '86, on the Milstar satellite program.
  ·  Systems Engineer and Consultant, at Adaptive Digital Systems '88, on intelligence signal processing units.

•  Enterprise architect, during the internet dawn and decade (-2000)
   Sales engineer and analyst, for OEMs
  ·  Systems Engineer, at Data General '90 '92, computers.
  ·  Technical Support, at Kofax '91, imaging products.
  ·  Technical Consultant, at Computer Associates '94, business system applications.
  ·  Technical Support Specialist, at Cincom '96, financial services applications.
   Systems engineer and integrator, for VARs 
  ·  Technical Support, at New Dimension '96, enterprise applications.
  ·  Systems Engineer, at True Software '97, development applications.
  ·  Senior Systems Engineer, at Acclaim Technology '98, a Sun Microsystems/Solaris VAR.
  ·  Systems engineer, at Open Market '99, e-business systems.

•  Organizational manager, post millennium, also conducting governance, compliance, and remediations (2000+) 
    PMP and CSM certified for PMO, Y2K issues, SOX/SAS audits, Governance Risk Compliance, and Cyber Ops.
  ·  Project Management – CRC · Hyundai · First American · Boeing · Capital Group · Pacific Life-Annuities · 
     PacifiCare · Toyota Motor Company · Sparta Inc. · NovaStar · Children & Families Com-OC.
  ·  Business Analysis –
Ameriquest · Avaya · Boeing · Conexant Systems Inc. · Ducommun (DTI · DAS) ·
     First Consulting Group · Envision Group · Salk Institute · · Smart&Final · 99cent.
  ·  Business Process Reengineering – American Airlines · Canadian Auto Club · Edwards-AFB · Long Bch Bank ·
     Koll-Property · OC-Register · PageNet · St. Mary-Medical Center · Tektronix · Texaco-UCP.

Project Manager and Analyst; technical leadership, business analytics, methodical development, and strategic solutions. PMO evangelist and methodology advocate of optimization, best fit organizational strategies, and cross-functionality. Expertise in organizational governance/GRC, Cyber-Security, development/DevOps, infrastructure/ERP strategic planning.

Education - academic · certifications
Bachelor Science • Computer Science Engineering · BSc/CSULB · 1985

California State University Long Beach

Project Management Professional • PMP/PMI · 2010

Project Management Institute, Inc.

Certified Scrum Master • CSM/SA · 2011

Scrum Alliance, Inc.

LinkedIn · Google · Facebook • PMI/PMP-OC · CSM/SA · U/EH • OCTP · IEEE · Toastmasters • CSULB-Alumni

Gary Neshanian
2336 Elden Ave. #G,
Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Project Manager and Analyst; technical leadership, business analytics, methodical development, and strategic solutions. PMO evangelist and methodology advocate of optimization, best fit organizational strategies, and cross-functionality. Expertise in organizational governance/GRC, Cyber-Security, development/DevOps, infrastructure/ERP strategic planning.
  •  Knowledge – establishing and improving PMOs; with PM methodologies/certifications, and better business practices
  •  Expertise – in strategic planning; of infrastructure, critical problem solutions, cost reductions, and gap/risk remediation
  •  Experience – with developing; enterprise software/web systems, governance risk compliance/auditing, and cyber security
  •  Communicator – among executive/business stakeholders, and technical/development teams; from scheduling to reporting
•  clientele - CRC (Oxy) · Hyundai (Kia) · Boeing · First American Title · Capital Group · PacifiCare · Pacific Life  •
Management Analysis

  •  Methodologies – Waterfall (PMBOK) · Agile (Scrum) ·
     Hybrid (Kanban)
· Lean (BASP) · Rational (RUP) · SDLC
  •  Planning –  resource (ERP) · disaster recovery (DRP) ·
process improvement (BPI) · strategic planning (SP) · DevOps
  •  Infrastructure – enterprise (ERP) · data center (DCIM/ITIL) ·
     service (SLA) · procedure (SOP) ·
information (DBI/EDI)

  •  Business – systems (BSA) · process model (BPM) ·
reengineering (BPR) · metric (BMI) · intelligence (BI)
  •  Governance – EU (GDPR) · Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) ·
     State Audit Std (SAS70) · person (HIPAA/PCI) · GRC
  •  Process – maturity (CMMI) · improvement (SPICE) ·
     change/quality (CM/QA) · security (Cyber) · PMO

Project Management – Project Management Professional (PMP) Project Management Institute (waterfall-PMBOK), Certified Scrum Master (CSM) Scrum Alliance (Agile), and Bachelor of Science (BSc) Computer Science Engineering. Experience in project management organizations (PMO), methodologies, improvements, strategic planning, and delivery.

•  best-practice methodologies built-hybrid around organizational culture, improve their environment and infrastructure

Business Analysis – systems analysis and improvement (PMO, GRC), vendor (OEM) and third-party (VAR) integration. Experience in customer support, enterprise resource/system engineering, and ecommerce-dotcom. Expertise in governance risk compliance and cyber security, post-millennium. Effective organizational and process maturity improvements.

•  cross-functional communication from tech-analytics to exec-metrics, optimize governance and process improvement
Background - timeline
2000+   Project Management – consulting services, comprehensive business analysis and strategic planning.
  •  PMO – Boeing, Rockwell, CRC, Hyundai, Capital Group · Healthcare – PacifiCare/United Health, Salk, St Mary's Med.
  •  Security/Comp-Audit – CRC, Hyundai, Ameriquest, Impac, Capital Group, Mazda, Smart & Final, 99 Cent, FCG, DKI
  •  Financial – Capital Group, Pacific Life, Long Beach Bank · Mortgage – Ameriquest, First American, Impac, Nova Star
 Infrastructure – Boeing, CRC, Hyundai, Edwards-AFB, Sparta Inc, Toyota, Rockwell/Conexant
  •  Software/Web – Pacific Life, Hyundai, Avaya, Auto Solutions-Inspect Connect, CFC-OC,, Walt Disney
-2000   Enterprise architect – systems engineer, business analysis, vendor integration, critical solutions and services.
  •  Data General '90 - enterprise · Computer Associates '94 - client/server · Cincom '96 · Acclaim/Sun-VAR '98
-1990   Programming and development – aerospace military defense, software development and systems management.
  •  Ford Aerospace '82 - DIVAD/Advance Development Organization · Rockwell Collins '86 - MILSTAR satellite
Education - academic · certifications
Bachelor Science • Computer Science Engineering · BSc/CSULB

California State University Long Beach

Project Management Professional • PMP/PMI · 2010

Project Management Institute, Inc.

Certified Scrum Master • CSM/SA · 2011

Scrum Alliance, Inc.

LinkedIn · Google · Facebook • PMI/PMP-OC · CSM/SA · U/EH • OCTP · IEEE · Toastmasters • CSULB-Alumni

Experience - recent (major projects)
Aug, 2019 - current Project Manager / Business Analysis-Development 
Nish Consulting · Southern, CA  |  remote projects • business/web clients
  Remote project and business development, during elder-parental care and family estate/probate executor.
• Project Plans (Strategic) • Business Development (Microsoft) • Blogs (WordPress) • Webs (Html/Java script)
Jan, 2019 - Jul. 2019 Technical Project Leader / Information Security 
Auto Club Enterprises (AAA) · Southern, CA  | 
automotive • pmo · security systems
  Technical lead of Information Security projects, for Information Systems department and business units. Enforced security compliance of Cloud Security policies within the Systems and Security organizations.
• Cloud Security (InfoSec) draft and acceptance of system policies, procedures, and remediation.
• Deployed cyber security (CyberArk) on Microsoft (ADFS/MFA), coordinated systems and third party install.
· Information Security · Agile/Scrum (Clarizen) · SecOp (GRC) · Microsoft (ADFS/MFA) · CyberArk

Jan, 2018 - Nov. 2018

Project Manager / Security Analyst 
Thoma Bravo (Lexmark-Kofax)
· Irvine, CA  |  compliance • grc · gdpr · security analysis


Project managed and IS security analyzed for IT-Compliance, liaison to Legal and Sales Support departments. Governance Risk Compliance of General Data Protection Reg. (GDPR) and CA Consumer Privacy (CCPA).
• Data Processing Agreement change requests for GDPR/CCPA customer/vendor license agreements. 
• Established collaborative environment for IT-Compliance, Legal, and Sales Support teams. 
• Microsoft practice (SSDL, Azure), data privacy (OneTouch, AWS), MS-CRM and Salesforce management.
· GRC Analysis · Waterfall (SSDL, Smartsheet) · Salesforce (CRM) · Azure/AWS · OneTrust (GDPR/CCPA)

Apr. 2016 - Nov, 2017 Program Manager / Systems Analyst 
California Resources Corp. (CRC-Oxy) ·
Long Beach, CA  |  energy • pmo · erp · strategic planning
  Program managed End User Services infrastructure. Developed departmental dashboard and service portal. Authored strategic executive status-metric reports (ESR). Improved PMO standards and CMMI.
• Reduced infrastructure costs and re-engineering build out (ROI), after Occidental/Oxy corporation spin-off.
• Scaled enterprise services, modernization, and strategic planning for new CRC corporation.
• Led phone (VOIP), and network management/monitoring (SolarWinds), implementations and upgrades.
• Facilitated vendor consolidation, negotiation/re-contracting, of new corporate services contracts (Telecom).
• Mentored and trained project coordinators in remote locations, requisite for executive status reports (ESR).
· Strategic Plans · Waterfall (Smartsheet) · Hybrid (Trello) · Agile (Scrum) · SecOp (GRC)
• SolarWinds
Jan. 2014 - Oct. 2015 Program Manager / Business Analyst 
Hyundai (HAEA/HISNA) ·
Fountain Valley, CA  |  automotive • pmo · grc · infrastructure
  Program managed Kia infrastructure system (KMA), Hyundai web (HMA), and Car loan security (HCA). Authored executive status-metric reports (ESR). Audited business units, and SecOps. Improved PMO-CMMI.
• Scaled data warehousing infrastructure, for regional automotive support centers (Hyundai-North America).
• Led electric-car dashboard/portal (KIA-Telematics), charging stations (SiriusXM), and car services (Yelp).
• Led web advertising (, sports campaigns and customer support, with on/offshore teams.
• Led auto-loan (Hyundai Capital America) process, tracking, and management system governance (GRC).
• Deployed cyber security (SecOps) project with third party (Imprivata), previously uncompleted (RSA, SSO).
· Business Analysis · Waterfall (Stagegate) · Hybrid (Kanban) · Agile (Scrum) · SecOp (AppScan/Pen-Test) 
May. 2013 - Sep. 2013 Project Manager / Systems Analyst 
First American Title · Santa Ana, CA  |  financial • software release management · grc · mortgage/title
Managed release software development and deployments. Reviewed and authorized major/minor, and weekly software, from development (AppDev-Ops), through production (SCM), including change approvals (CAB).
• Managed mortgage transaction system (EDI), and coordination of remote/offshore software teams (DevOps).
• Assured quality (QA) of remote software testing (GRC), and local rollouts with rollback contingencies.
· System Analysis · Waterfall (PMBOK) · Agile (Scrum) · Software Change (SCM/CAB) · Compliance (GRC)
Jun. 2011 - Apr. 2013 Program Manager 
Inspection Connection (ASI 09-10) · Newport Beach, CA  |  ebusiness • web portal-2 · Nish Consulting
  Updated business/marketing plan from 09-10, longer term strategic plans, and enterprise technical designs.
• Increased revenue by reengineering and data mining of second generation web/portal
 Feb. 2009 - Aug. 2010 Project Manager 
Automotive Solution Inc (IC 11-13) ·
Newport Beach, CA  |  ebusiness • web portal-1 · Nish Consulting
  Authored business/marketing plan, long term strategic plans, and enterprise technical documentation.
• Architected enterprise, strategic plan and design of first generation web/portal application
Nov. 2010 - Apr. 2011 Project Manager / Systems Analyst 
Boeing (Defense) · Seal Beach, CA  |  aerospace • pmo · data-center consolidation · infrastructure
  Cost reductions by re-scoping application migration, remote server virtualization, relicensing, and central IT for Application Consolidation Modernization org. Authored plans, burn downs, and schedules with BASP/Lean.
• Reduced vendor cost with contract renegotiation (hardware), and license consolidations (software).
· Systems Analysis · Boeing Agile Software Process/Lean (BASP) · Business Metrics of Interest (BMI)
May. 2008 - Sep. 2008 Project Manager / Data Analyst 
Boeing (Commercial) · Long Beach, CA  |  aircraft • pmo · edms · data-management · infrastructure
Authored SDLC procedures and management reports. Audited project controls of task management process. Developed project tasks using Fujitsu (Macroscope) methodology, and reports for eMOD organization. 
• Reduced costs for regional eMOD data servers by migration to corporate facility, and risk reductions.
· Data Analysis · Fujitsu (Macroscope) · Customer Quality Support · SDLC/CM/EDMS standards
Jan. 2007 - Aug. 2007 Project Lead / Business-GRC Analyst 
Capital Group · Brea, CA  |  financial • grc/sas70 compliance
Reduction maintenance costs and compliance gaps with standardization of software development procedures. Authored Statement on Auditing Standards-No. 70 reports and IT SAS-70 compliance documentation.
• Audited Standards (SAS) No. 70 for general computer controls of PMO and business units governance.
· Business Analysis · Waterfall (phased) · Agile (iterative) · SDLC/CM standards
Nov. 2005 - Jan. 2006 Project Manager / Business Analyst 
PacifiCare (UnitedHealth) · Cypress, CA  |  healthcare • grc/hipaa · email/data-warehouse · infrastructure
Authored project plan and vendor specifications. Managed IS compliance with legal requirements of email support for court litigation, and SOX/HIPAA compliance. Coordinated-liaison email archive project vendor.
• Reduced search/retrieval/litigation costs, through archival and indexing of corporate email servers.
· Business Analysis · Waterfall (PMBOK) · VAR selection (RFI-RFP-RFQ) · Project Plan
Apr. 2004 ~ Nov. 2006 Project Lead / Governance Risk Compliance 
(audits) · Southern, CA  |  financial • grc/sox/sas compliance
  Reported Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX-404) and Statement Auditing Standards (SAS-70); audit, test, and procedures; including Narratives, Risk Control Matrices (RCM), gap remediation (COBIT/COSO), and governance (GRC).
• Clientele: Ameriquest (mortgage), Ducommun Inc. (DTI, DAS) (aero), First Consulting Group (health), -
- Boeing (aero), Smart&Final (retail), 99cent (retail), Sparta (aero), Impac (mortgage), Mazda (auto).
· Rational (RUP) · Niku-Clarity · PVCS-Tracker · PeopleSoft · Lotus · Word (Narrative) · Excel (RCM/Test)

Experience - extended (portfolio)

Jun. 2003 - Mar. 2004 Project Manager 
NovaStar · Santa Ana, CA  |  financial • integration · web ebusiness
Architected mortgage branch office network. Installed and integrated client/servers, file storage, office automation and Point LOS software. Programmed and tested mortgage/lending web interfaces, LendingTree, National Mortgage, American Home Equity and web/portal based credit pulling services.
• Integrated electronic application with Point mortgage qualification, processing and underwriting database.
· Business Analysis · HTML/XML · Calyx Point LOS · ASP/VBScript · JavaScript · LendingTree XML
Sep. 2002 - Mar. 2003 Project Manager 
Children&Families Commission · Irvine, CA  |  ebusiness • design · web portal
Authored Request For Proposal and Bid, project plan, user requirements, definition, scope, expectations for deliverables, and won contract award. Designed website graphics and Flash. Programmed the database interface with ASP/VBScript to MS-SQL server. Integrated website with State's data warehouse vendor CS&O.
• Architected the Children & Families Commission of Orange County website.  
· MSO-FrontPage-SQL · Dreamweaver · Flash · Photoshop · ASP/VBScript · JavaScript · RFP/Bid · Website
Nov. 2001 - Apr. 2002 Project Engineer 
Avaya · Basking Ridge, NJ  |  ebusiness • design · infrastructure
Delivered HTML pages and Flash animations for training manual on corporate intranet and internet distribution. Programmed SAP Business Warehouse forms interface, with ASP/VBScript interface to MS-SQL server. Coordinated and managed remotely located project engineers, conference calls, email, and file shares.
• Designed and programmed a web based training manual for remote field and corporate users.
· MSO-FrontPage · HTML · Dreamweaver · Flash · ASP/VBScript · JavaScript interface SAP · Web-training
Feb. 2001 - Apr. 2001 Project Engineer 
Toyota Motors · Torrance, CA  |  automotive • pmo · infrastructure
Authored project plans for business application units deliver to the Production Services department. Analyzed, collected, and validated user requirements. Defined expectations and scope for deliverable plans. Delivered system documents, processes, diagrams, manuals, service level agreements, and release meetings with vendors.
• Project managed multiple infrastructure projects for the business units in the production environment.
· Unix · HP/UX · Oracle · Sun/Solaris · Apache · WebLogic · MSO · HTML · Project Plans · SOW · SLA

Nov. 2000 - Jan. 2001

Project Lead 
Conexant Systems · Newport Beach, CA  |  ebusiness • pmo · infrastructure

Authored migration plan, enterprise configurations and specifications for the NT Servers group. Analyzed and collected business unit requirements. Designed migration methodology, documentation/templates, QA standards and procedures for the divisional migration and separation of corporate NT applications, FTP/Web.
Project managed conversion staff and migration team, for corporate server split to spin-off of corporation.
· MSO-Prj · ASP-VB-Script · WebTrends · Migration Project Plan · Manage programmers/migration team

Dec. 1999 - Sep. 2000

Project Manager 
Pacific Life-Annuities · Newport Beach, CA  |  financial • insurance · web

Authored enterprise and disaster recovery procedures for the Strategic Information Systems department of the Annuities Division. Prototyped CGI-Perl to Java Enterprise and WebLogic migration. Developed and managed WebTrends weblog file analysis report and distribution system. Analyzed new-emerging technologies for IT.
• Designed and programmed a weblog file analysis and report distribution system.
· Solaris · Dynabase · CGI-Perl/Java · Palm/WAP · WebLogic· WebTrends · Web Log Analysis · DRP


Professional Services Organizations · Consulting Services Engineering

Sep. 1999 - Dec. 1999

Project Engineer 
Orange County Register · Santa Ana, CA  |  ebusiness • infrastructure · web

Authored project plan with gateway specifications and deadlines. Programmed Internet email gateway for the IS department's CCI news publication system for email distribution to news affiliates. Provided general Unix systems programming, integration work and implementation support to the IT organization.
· Korn shell email spooling router with TCL/Lotus Notes · IBM/AIX integration with CCI publication server

Jul. 1999 - Sep. 1999

Project Lead · City of Industry, CA  |  ebusiness • infrastructure · web

Authored enterprise documentation and designs. Installed and configured operating systems for CIO on Sun/Solaris and Windows/NT including Netscape-SuiteSpot and MS-IIS web services. Programmed and developed the intranet for the web based commerce delivery company. Delivered standard operating SOP.
· Win/NT · Sun/Solaris · MSO-Back Office · Netscape-SuiteSpot · JavaScript · Enterprise servers · DCIM

Jun. 1999 - Jul. 1999

Project Engineer 
Salk Institute · La Jolla, CA  |  healthcare • ebusiness · infrastructure

Authored migration plan for Unix-Netscape based web server migration to departmental Windows PC running Apache shareware server for the Conceptual Immunology Group. Programmed and ported C application for biological simulation to run in MS environment and converted dependent web pages and applications.
· Unix-C to MS-C · CGI-Perl api · WAN · Enterprise migration plan · Apache hosting

Feb. 1999 - Apr. 1999

Project Engineer 
Walt Disney · Burbank, CA  |  ebusiness • web · portal

Architected a Unix-Web environment, from first generation electronic commerce and business services to automate the next generation. Upgraded to newer e-commerce and business processing engines, with more personalize and user profile interface. Partnered with Vignette for user profiling/customization.
· Sun/Solaris · OpenMarket · Vignette · Web business/e-commerce processing server

Mar. 1998 - Apr. 1998

Project Engineer 
Envision Group · Torrance, CA  |  ebusiness • infrastructure

Installed, configured and performance tuned the operating systems and web services for their ISP hosting servers. Programmed and configured Internet hosting web services and protocols.
· Sun/Solaris · Veritas · Netscape-SuiteSpot · Filesystem/Network configurations · DCIM

Oct. 1995 - Apr. 1996

Project Lead 
Tektronix · Beaverton, OR  |  ebusiness • infrastructure · CAI

Analyzed for Computer Associates, designed and delivered to Tektronix an enterprise systems management and network monitoring system, integrating CA-Unicenter with HP/Openview, and third party solutions.
· Sun/Solaris · CA-Unicenter · HP/Openview · Network manager and monitor

Jan. 1994 - Jun. 1994

Project Lead 
St. Mary Medical Center · Long Beach, CA  |  healthcare • infrastructure · DG

Analyzed for Data General the hospital IS needs. Programmed and trained the operation of the Unix systems operations console. Implemented a help desk system. Mentored and trained, the help desk and operations staff.
· DG/Unix · HBO software integration · C/korn shell programming · Systems Operations Console · DCIM

Jan. 1993 - Dec. 1994

Systems/Project Engineer 
Data General · North America  |  ebusiness • system integration · DG

Analyzed and integrated Data General systems and enterprises. Installed network, hardware and software applications, operations configurations and training for existing major accounts in North America.
• American Airlines/U.S.-Canada (Unix/OS2/Database) · Canadian Auto Club (Unix) · Edwards-AFB (Real time weapons systems) · PageNet (Unix/NT) · Texaco-UCP (Network install, configure, train)
· DG/Unix/RAID · MS/NT PCs · LAN · Enterprise Client/Server · DCIM

Feb. 1998 - Jan. 1999

Sr. Systems/Project Engineer 
Acclaim Technology - Sun Microsystems · Irvine, CA  |  systems integration • infrastructure · Sun VAR

Project engineered and analyzed e-business needs, project plans, risks and ROI. Integrated enterprise client/servers, e-commerce services and applications. Programmed advanced client needs. Certified by Sun Microsystems, and trained by CISCO, Veritas, Vignette, OpenMarket, ColdFusion and e-business partners.
· Sun/Solaris · MS/NT · Apache · Netscape · MSO-IIS · Java · ASP scripts · C++ · Perl · Unix shell

Jul. 1996 - Feb. 1998

Systems Manager 
Cincom Systems · Irvine, CA  |  systems integration • infrastructure · edi

Managed regional computer resources, web and infrastructure DCIM. Project managed office and corporate network access. Integrated enterprise client/servers and CRM/EDI. Customer support and sales staff trainer.
· Unix · MS/NT · Web Application servers · MRP-ERP-Oracle · C++ · Unix shells

Oct. 1994 - Jul. 1996

Systems/Project Engineer 
Computer Associates · Huntington Beach, CA  |  systems integration • infrastructure · network

Project engineered and analyzed business and network requirements. Integrated enterprise and network servers, automation and security. Technical Consultant of network and configuration management software. 
· Unix · MS/NT · LAN/WAN/SNMP · CA-Unicenter · HP/Openview · Sun/NetManager · C · Unix shell

May. 1989 - Oct. 1994

Systems/Project Engineer 
Data General - EMC · Irvine, CA  |  system integration • infrastructure · enterprise

Project engineered and analyzed business and enterprise requirements. Integrated client/server, data center and application services. Technical Consultant of installation, programming, performance tuning and trainings. 
· DG/Unix/RAID · MS/NT PCs · LAN · Federal-Commercial/Financial-Medical Applications · C · Unix shell

Apr. 1986 - May. 1989

Systems Manager/Software Team Leader 
Rockwell Collins · Santa Ana, CA  |  aerospace • devops · r&d software development

Systems manager of development/test facilities, staff, and DevOps training. Coordinated development and QA/test teams. Software team leader of programmers for Air Force MILSTAR, Secret/ComSec clearances.

Jun. 1982 - Apr. 1986

Systems Administrator/Software Engineer 
Ford Aerospace · Newport Beach, CA  |   aerospace • devops · r&d software development

Career started in programming weapons systems, systems engineer of R&D facilities and DevOps, for both the Imaging Processing Lab/Advanced Development Org. and DIVAD programs, with security clearances.
· DEC/VAX · DG/AOS · Ada · Atlas · C · COBOL · FORTRAN · Pascal · Assembly · DCAS · DCIM

Gary Neshanian

Skills Matrix (SME) - ©=certified, #=years of experience
Project/Team Years Applications Comments
Project Management 15+
MS-Project, Waterfall, PMI-PMBOK
Rational-RUP, Clarity, Jira-Kanban
Agile/Scrum, Macroscope, CSM-SA
Kanban, Atlassian-Jira-Trello
MS-Visio, RUP-Rose-ReqPro 
MS -SharePoint, -VisualSourceSafe 
Project Management, WBS
Systems Development Life Cycle / 
Change Management methodologies
Backlog/Sprint/Build-Sizing (ts-fib)
Enterprise architecting and UML design
Configuration, file sharing
PM/Team development
Team Applications 2
PVCS-Tracker, Legato, TrueSoft 
, Empower-FNIS 
, SAP, PeopleSoft-HR 
SCM, PDL/UML, QA/testing, distribution
Mortgage and lending software LOS
Data warehousing, enterprise software
Governance/Compliance 10
SOX-404-COSO/CobiT, SAS-70,
Defense Contract, IntStdsOrg, Maturity
Financial Sarbanes-Oxley, Audit-Standards
Governance - Health and Personal Data
Front Office 15+ MS-Office, Lotus-Notes  Word, Excel, Power Point, IBM-Lotus
Internet/Web Years Applications Comments
Web Servers 10
Netscape-SuiteSpot, MS-IIS
Apache, WebLogic, WebTrends 
Allaire-ColdFusion, ActiveX 
Systems Integrated, installed, configured and trained customers on development and administration of websites
Cloud 3 Azure, AWS, Salesforce, Dyn-CRM Internet/Cloud hosting and services
eBusiness © OpenMarket-Transact e-business transactional engine
Content/Front ends ©
ShopSite, LiveCommerce
FrontPage, VisualStudio, PageMill
MM-Flash -Dreamweaver
Vignette, CrystalReports, OpenSite 
Catalog serving,
Web/HTML/XML design
Front-end animated content,
Profiling, reporting and auction packages
Graphics 10 Photoshop, Illustrator  Graphical Design
Programming Years Tools Comments
Internet/Web 15+
HTML, CGI-Perl, VB-Java-Scripts
VisualStudio, ASP.Net-VBasic, Java 
Website development, page/forms and visual  design programming
Structured/Object 10 Ada, C, C++, Pascal, Visual Tools   Commercial languages 
1st/2nd Generation 7 FORTRAN, BASIC  Legacy languages
Batch , Real-time  5 COBOL, Assembly  Main frame and real-time languages
Unix/Shell 10 (ksh,awk,grep,vi,csh,tcl) Unix server shell programming
Database/SQL 3
Oracle, Sybase, MS-SQL server 
Access, Paradox, DBase, XML 
Database installation, configuration, performance tuning and programming
System/Hardware Years Software Comments
Sun Microsystems/Sparc
Storage Array
Solaris Unix
Volume Manager
Certified Solaris-Reseller Engineer
C2K-Workgroup/Enterprise, E10K
Data General/AViiON
RAID storage array
Data General employee
and consultant for 5 years
certified on open system platforms
IBM/RS6000 2 AIX Operating System
Hewlett Packard/9000 5 HPUX Unix, Openview Operating System, SNMP monitoring
Alpha, VAX
Operating Systems
Intel 10 Windows/NT, Linux Office Suite, Visual Tools, Unix OS
Environment Years Applications Comments
Data Centers 15+ DCAS, DCIM, ITIL, CMMI, VoIP Data Center Infrastructure Management
Network/Ethernet, DSL 10 TCP/IP, DNS, NIS  Internet configuration, web server support
Security 5 Unicenter, ACE-SecurWorld, Tivoli  Computer Associates, IBM
Monitoring 5 SUNet Manager, HP Openview  SNMP network monitoring and response
Storage 5 Veritas , AXS-One Data, Filesystem/VolumeManager, e-Mail