Experience - recent (major projects)
Jan, 2020 - current Program Manager 
Excel ADR · Long Beach, CA  |  ebusiness • web · crm · cyber security · Nish Consulting
  Nish Consulting direct contract; project management, cyber info-security, and dev-engineering services.
orkers compensation claims and arbitration process tracking, alternative dispute resolution through neutral third party (ombudsperson), bypassing the State workers’ compensation appeals board (WCAB) process.
• Portal (WordPress) employee claim processing, and application programming interface (API) frontend design.
• Customer Resource Management (Salesforce) tracking, backend data engineering and modeling.
· Information Security · GRC (GDPR/CCPA/HIPPA) · Portal (WordPress) · Salesforce (CRM-Essentials)
Jan, 2019 - Jul. 2019 Technical Project Leader / Information Security 
Auto Club Enterprises (AAA) · Southern, CA  | 
automotive • pmo · security systems
  Technical lead of Information Security projects, for Information Systems department and business units. Enforced security compliance of Cloud Security policies within the Systems and Security organizations.
• Cloud Security (InfoSec) draft and acceptance of system policies, procedures, and remediation.
• Deployed cyber security (CyberArk) on Microsoft (ADFS/MFA), coordinated systems and third party install.
· Information Security · Agile/Scrum (Clarizen) · SecOp (GRC) · Microsoft (ADFS/MFA) · CyberArk

Jan, 2018 - Nov. 2018

Project Manager / Security Analyst 
Thoma Bravo (Lexmark-Kofax)
· Irvine, CA  |  compliance • grc · gdpr · security analysis


Project managed and IS security analyzed for IT-Compliance, liaison to Legal and Sales Support departments. Governance Risk Compliance of General Data Protection Reg. (GDPR) and CA Consumer Privacy (CCPA).
• Data Processing Agreement change requests for GDPR/CCPA customer/vendor license agreements. 
• Established collaborative environment for IT-Compliance, Legal, and Sales Support teams. 
• Microsoft practice (SSDL, Azure), data privacy (OneTouch, AWS), MS-CRM and Salesforce management.
· GRC Analysis · Waterfall (SSDL, Smartsheet) · Salesforce (CRM) · Azure/AWS · OneTrust (GDPR/CCPA)

Apr. 2016 - Nov, 2017 Program Manager / Systems Analyst 
California Resources Corp. (CRC-Oxy) ·
Long Beach, CA  |  energy • pmo · erp · strategic planning
  Program managed End User Services infrastructure. Developed departmental dashboard and service portal. Authored strategic executive status-metric reports (ESR). Improved PMO standards and CMMI.
• Reduced infrastructure costs and re-engineering build out (ROI), after Occidental/Oxy corporation spin-off.
• Scaled enterprise services, modernization, and strategic planning for new CRC corporation.
• Led phone (VOIP), and network management/monitoring (SolarWinds), implementations and upgrades.
• Facilitated vendor consolidation, negotiation/re-contracting, of new corporate services contracts (Telecom).
• Mentored and trained project coordinators in remote locations, requisite for executive status reports (ESR).
· Strategic Plans · Waterfall (Smartsheet) · Hybrid (Trello) · Agile (Scrum) · SecOp (GRC)
• SolarWinds
Jan. 2014 - Oct. 2015 Program Manager / Business Analyst 
Hyundai (HAEA/HISNA) ·
Fountain Valley, CA  |  automotive • pmo · grc · infrastructure
  Program managed Kia infrastructure system (KMA), Hyundai web (HMA), and Car loan security (HCA). Authored executive status-metric reports (ESR). Audited business units, and SecOps. Improved PMO-CMMI.
• Scaled data warehousing infrastructure, for regional automotive support centers (Hyundai-North America).
• Led electric-car dashboard/portal (KIA-Telematics), charging stations (SiriusXM), and car services (Yelp).
• Led web advertising (HyundaiUSA.com), sports campaigns and customer support, with on/offshore teams.
• Led auto-loan (Hyundai Capital America) process, tracking, and management system governance (GRC).
• Deployed cyber security (SecOps) project with third party (Imprivata), previously uncompleted (RSA, SSO).
· Business Analysis · Waterfall (Stagegate) · Hybrid (Kanban) · Agile (Scrum) · SecOp (AppScan/Pen-Test) 
May. 2013 - Sep. 2013 Project Manager / Systems Analyst 
First American Title · Santa Ana, CA  |  financial • software release management · grc · mortgage/title
Managed release software development and deployments. Reviewed and authorized major/minor, and weekly software, from development (AppDev-Ops), through production (SCM), including change approvals (CAB).
• Managed mortgage transaction system (EDI), and coordination of remote/offshore software teams (DevOps).
• Assured quality (QA) of remote software testing (GRC), and local rollouts with rollback contingencies.
· System Analysis · Waterfall (PMBOK) · Agile (Scrum) · Software Change (SCM/CAB) · Compliance (GRC)
Jun. 2011 - Apr. 2013 Program Manager 
Inspection Connection (ASI 09-10) · Newport Beach, CA  |  ebusiness • web portal-2 · Nish Consulting
  Updated business/marketing plan from 09-10, longer term strategic plans, and enterprise technical designs.
• Increased revenue by reengineering and data mining of second generation web/portal
 Feb. 2009 - Aug. 2010 Project Manager 
Automotive Solution Inc (IC 11-13) ·
Newport Beach, CA  |  ebusiness • web portal-1 · Nish Consulting
  Authored business/marketing plan, long term strategic plans, and enterprise technical documentation.
• Architected enterprise, strategic plan and design of first generation web/portal application
Nov. 2010 - Apr. 2011 Project Manager / Systems Analyst 
Boeing (Defense) · Seal Beach, CA  |  aerospace • pmo · data-center consolidation · infrastructure
  Cost reductions by re-scoping application migration, remote server virtualization, relicensing, and central IT for Application Consolidation Modernization org. Authored plans, burn downs, and schedules with BASP/Lean.
• Reduced vendor cost with contract renegotiation (hardware), and license consolidations (software).
· Systems Analysis · Boeing Agile Software Process/Lean (BASP) · Business Metrics of Interest (BMI)
May. 2008 - Sep. 2008 Project Manager / Data Analyst 
Boeing (Commercial) · Long Beach, CA  |  aircraft • pmo · edms · data-management · infrastructure
Authored SDLC procedures and management reports. Audited project controls of task management process. Developed project tasks using Fujitsu (Macroscope) methodology, and reports for eMOD organization. 
• Reduced costs for regional eMOD data servers by migration to corporate facility, and risk reductions.
· Data Analysis · Fujitsu (Macroscope) · Customer Quality Support · SDLC/CM/EDMS standards
Jan. 2007 - Aug. 2007 Project Lead / Business-GRC Analyst 
Capital Group · Brea, CA  |  financial • grc/sas70 compliance
Reduction maintenance costs and compliance gaps with standardization of software development procedures. Authored Statement on Auditing Standards-No. 70 reports and IT SAS-70 compliance documentation.
• Audited Standards (SAS) No. 70 for general computer controls of PMO and business units governance.
· Business Analysis · Waterfall (phased) · Agile (iterative) · SDLC/CM standards
Nov. 2005 - Jan. 2006 Project Manager / Business Analyst 
PacifiCare (UnitedHealth) · Cypress, CA  |  healthcare • grc/hipaa · email/data-warehouse · infrastructure
Authored project plan and vendor specifications. Managed IS compliance with legal requirements of email support for court litigation, and SOX/HIPAA compliance. Coordinated-liaison email archive project vendor.
• Reduced search/retrieval/litigation costs, through archival and indexing of corporate email servers.
· Business Analysis · Waterfall (PMBOK) · VAR selection (RFI-RFP-RFQ) · Project Plan