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Internet websites went public in the 1990s ·
The most popular content management system is WordPress

1. has free websites with their WP-names
• example: gnish213.wordpress.comYouTube·What/How?

2. WordPress-sites can upgrade/pay to your Domain-name
• example: gnish.comYouTube·Step-by-Step

3. WordPress plugins add features and functionalities
addons: forms, logins, shopping-ecom, etc… • WP·Start

4. Market your branding and personalization
logos, search engine-seo, customer-crm, membership, etc…

Web · NS · GD CMS · WordPress
1. WordPresswp-name
2. WPupgrade · domain
3. Adds • features · functions
forms, logos, ecom
4. Marketing • brand · pers
logos, seo, crm, mw
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