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Barley Forge, thank you…..

Barley Forge – Thank you for five great years

Gary Neshanian | December 18, 2019 (Costa Mesa, CA)

Barley Forge was a family-owned craft brewery founded by Greg Nylen
and his wife Mary Ann Frericks.  They opened their doors in Oct. 2014, pioneered the craft micro-brewery scene in Costa Mesa, and were the cornerstone of the Randolph brewing community ever since. Several other micro-breweries opened, Gunwhale Ales across the street, Bootlegger’s Brewery and Salty Bear Brewing down Randolph Ave.

Barley Forge Brewing Co., a trailblazer for Costa Mesa’s craft beer scene, is tapping out“, reported by Bradley Zint – Sep. 17 (LA Times), originally scheduled to close Oct. 31. “We are incredibly proud of our many awards and achievements, our dedicated staff, the relationships we forged both in the industry and the community and the many wonderful people we have had the privilege to serve” – Sep. 16 (BF-Facebook).
2015 OC Weekly Best Brewery
2017 OC Weekly Best Brewery
• OC Weekly Reader’s Choice Best Brewery
• OC Weekly Reader’s Choice Best Local IPA
Grandpa Tractor, won a Gold Medal Winner in the 2018 Great American Beer Festival.
Patsy, won a Silver Medal at the 2018 World Beer Cup, in the category of Field Beer.
In addition to an awarded full kitchen, they hosted weekly Trivia and live Jazz nights.

Heartfelt congratulations to Green Cheek Beer Co.,” – posted Dec. 11 (BF-Facebook),
“the successful winners at today’s sale of Barley Forge Brewing Co. We take pride and solace in knowing we are leaving things in very capable hands and independent craft beer will long flow from our fermenters. For the time being, WE ARE STILL OPEN and Barley Forge is here for you until the deal closes. Please show up and support our staff and help us kick the last of The Patsy kegs! .
It’s Official Last Day Wednesday December 18” posted (BF-Facebook)
— October 25, 2014 – Dec. 18, 2019 #86barleyforge .

Barley Forge Brewing Co. in C.M.’s Sobeca District is passing the tap to another brewery
Green Cheek Beer Co” reported by Vera Castaneda Dec. 13 (Daily Pilot).
Green Cheek co-owners Brian Rauso and Evan Price agreed Wednesday to buy Barley Forge for $1.05 million. Rauso and Price opened Green Cheek two years ago in Orange and were looking for opportunities to expand. They signed a 10-year lease agreement for the 10,000-square-foot Costa Mesa property, which is equipped with a brewery and kitchen. “We like what Barley Forge has done, and the owners are really good people,” Rauso said. Rauso also said Green Cheek hired two Barley Forge employees and is interviewing the rest. He plans to have a New Year’s party at the Costa Mesa location.

I also have to mention their paddle on the wall donated by a diverse collection of passionate home brewers — O.C. Mash Ups.
“Forging the Community” presented to Greg on the third anniversary of the brewery, and our home brew club sponsored in back, on his home brew equipment. #ocmashups

Gary Neshanian is a proud member of something referred to as “the elite and stellar few who we consider members of the rocking awesome regular’s club at the Forge”, and had to wish both Greg and Mary Ann the absolute best in their next chapter.

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